The Treehouse Project
Released 2000 – Self-Released

Personnel: Dave McDonnell (C melody & soprano saxophone, bicycle bell), Matt Thompson (acoustic & electric bass), George Kaiantzis (electric & acoustic guitar), Michael Reed (drums)

Track Listing
1. Ground Run
2. Krista
3. Super 8
4. The Brick
5. Eulogy
6. Tornado Watch
7. Blue without You
8. Piqua City Limits
9. Dear Mr. Locrius
10. Mission Accepted

"..effectively merge American roots music with familiar jazz ideologies and frameworks" — All About Jazz

"..many cultures, all styles – and it works at all times." — Jazz USA

The Picture Show
Released 2002 – 482 Music

Personnel Disc 1: Jonathan Doyle, tenor saxophone and clarinet; Ken Champion, pedal steel guitar; John Matt Thompson, bass, violin ukulele *; Mike Reed, drums

Personnel Disc 2: Doyle; Champion; Thompson; Reed plus: Nate Walcott, trumpet; Brian Anderson, piano; Colin Bunn, guitar; Lisa Shrag, harp; John "Bud" Poston, banjo

Personnel Disc 3: Doyle; Bunn; Champion; Thompson; Reed

Track Listing Disc 1: Prologue: Cameo Frame

1. Tic-Toc
2. The Party
3. Slow Boat
4. Little Pick-Me-Up
5. Tic-Toc Reprise
6. Never One To Complain
7. A Few Good Men
8. Graduation Day

Track Listing Disc 2: The Picture Show

1. Places Everyon
2. Hold It... Hold It!
3. The Ugliest Girl Alive
4. Time Out
5. Corsages
6. The Big Top
7. Intermission
8. Curtain
9. The Cocktail Party Effect
10. The Slow Learners Club
11. A Perfect Fit
12. A Dance Lesson
13. A Place For Us

Track Listing Disc 3: Epilogue: Last… Words

1. Last Words
2. Politician
3. Just a Little Loving
4. You Don't Know Me
5. Child Star
6. The Dutch Boy
7. Just a Song Before I Go

The Picture Show is available from 482 Music,, CD Baby, and at fine record retailers around the country.